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Our Vision

Our vision is for all formally incarcerated individuals to successfully reintegrate into the community and remain free!

In 2000, under the leadership of Judge Richard J. Walsh, Franklin County Convened its own Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) to address the immediate and future needs of the Franklin County criminal justice system.  In 2012, key criminal justice stakeholders met to update a sequential intercept mapping model to detail the intersection of local human services with the criminal justice system.  In the CJAB Strategic Plan for 2012-2015, Franklin County identified the enhancement and expansion of reentry initiatives.

Following an impactful 2013 PCCD CJAB Conference which focused on reentry efforts throughout the state, the Criminal Justice Advisory Board laid the groundwork for a reentry coalition to be formed in Franklin County. The event featured a statewide panel of reentry practitioners and a documentary film made by a returning citizen. This documentary, titled "The Pull of Gravity," featured three returning citizens including the filmmaker at various stages of their reintegration into their communities following incarceration. This successful event brought the complexity of reentry issues to the forefront of the attendees’ minds.

The 85 attendees at Franklin County’s Reentry Forum in March 2014 were an indication of broad-based interest in this issue. There was representation from local and county government, the courts, faith community, reentering citizens, and other program providers. However, despite the community interest and abundance of service provider agencies in the Chambersburg area, reentry appears to be a fragmented process. We recognized the need to collaborate and share resources among programs, and identify the gaps in the system where unmet needs exist.

In May of 2015, PCCD awarded Franklin County a "Reentry Strategic Planning Grant" to establish a comprehensive reentry plan for Franklin County that is embraced by both government and community stakeholders.  In July 2015, a group of approximately 50 stakeholders began meeting monthly and that group became the Franklin County Reentry Coalition in November of 2015.

Our mission is to develop strong collaborative community and professional partnerships that will empower and support formerly incarcerated individuals and their families to reduce recidivism and encourage them to become contributing members of the community.

Current Task Force Groups

Case Review Task Force

The purpose of the Case Review Task Force is to problem solve individual needs and create systemic change.  This task force will review individual reentry cases through a SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats) to identify hew best to assist the individual in transition successfully back into the community.

Outreach Task Force

The purpose of the Outreach Task Force is to educate the community at large about the barriers, needs and successes of individuals transitioning back into the community. This task force updates the Reentry Resource Guide, creates presentations, brochures and marketing materials and provides community presentations about reentry issues.

Healing Communities Task Force

The purpose of the Healing Communities Task Force is to work with the Faith Community to implement the Healing Communities Model in Franklin County.  This task group will identify interested churches and faith groups, organize trainings and oversee implementations.

Great Barrier Relief

The Great Barrier Relief (GBR) will work to identify creative and innovative opportunities to assist people in their reentry into the community. The GBR will examine the barriers people face, and through an asset based approach, combat the challenge. This group is currently focusing on improving options regarding prosocial activities, housing and transportation.


Intercept Task Force

The Purpose of the Intercept Task Group is to identify barriers and gaps in the current system using the Sequential Intercept (SI) Model.  This task force will use the SI Model to identify and prioritize needs and then suggest new Task Forces to work on eliminating those barriers or improving processes.

Coalition History

Our Mission