Ways to Get Involved

  • Learn more about the issues

  • Attend a community forum

  • Get your faith community involved

  • Volunteer to serve on a task force 

  • Work to break the stigma so that individuals who are willing to work hard, can build a better future

  • Donate to support reentry programming in our county and give a family a second chance

  • Hold a Re-entry Simulation so that your church, social service, educational facility or business can better understand the issues impacting the returning citizen

  • Have a speaker come our to share stories of success and information about Franklin Together and the work we are doing

  • Join a Franklin Together Task Force to bring your expertise to the solutions table

  • Get to know a returning citizen so that you can see the face of re-entry and understand why everyone needs a second chance

  • Help create a recovery environment that supports recovery, second chances, and helps us all be part of the solution