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The human spirit longs for freedom, respect and a sense of belonging.  Franklin Together has worked to identify resources that will assist returning citizens build a bright new future.

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“When people are successfully reintegrated into society – get jobs, reunite with their families, reconnect with their children, live a life with purpose and integrity – they don’t return to prison. The result is safer communities and stronger families, which benefits us all."


Secretary of Corrections,

John Wetzel

The Lives We Impact

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Few of us achieves success on our own.  We learn from those around us.  Franklin Together is working to create a community that encourages second chances and supports ex-offenders in Chambersburg and all of Franklin County effective change.

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"I have a job I love and benefits.  I learned to see that I had other options and built a new future for myself and my family!

Now I give back

and help others

coming out of

prison,  Life

really can be


Bobby Moore


out for 5 years


Work is a foundation for achieving a successful reentry into the community.  Employers who partner with Franklin Together find that our returning citizens can be a real  asset to their workforce