Why Hiring an Ex-Offender Makes Sense for Your Business

They are skilled.
Many returning citizens are very skilled and are ready to use those skills for your success. Some returning citizens were skilled when they went into the corrections system and many received training while incarcerated or upon release.  

They are Hungry for work.
Many employers won't work with ex-offenders because they don't have up to date information or know the supports that both the ex-offender and the employer can receive, so finding work can be difficult. The returning citizen wants to make a fresh start and some have to work as part of their release - so they are eager to put their skills to work for you!

They are frequently supervised.

Many returning citizens have a parole or probation officer who checks in on them on a regular basis. Often times they must maintain employment as a condition of their release. Their probation officers or other social services are assisting them in dealing with social supports or problems before they reach a crisis. They are frequently and randomly tested for drugs or other illegal substances by their probation officers increasing the chances that they are clean, sober, and motivated to continue working to maintain their freedom.

Giving them a chance strengthens our community.
Everyone, including returning citizens, do better when they are working and being productive. By working together we can empower people to take responsibility for themselves and their choices. We are making our neighborhoods and communities safer by providing a way for individuals to legally support themselves and their families - and that pays off for all of us!

You could be eligible for tax breaks.

Employers who hire target groups under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), which includes ex-felons, can receive tax credits to assist in covering the first years wages.  More information can be found on the PA Department of Labor and Industry WOTC page.

You have some level of protection.
To incentivize employers to hire ex-offenders, the Federal Bonding Program was created. This program may provide an employer with a business insurance policy that protects the employer against loss of money or property due to employee dishonesty. More information can be obtained from the Pa Department of Labor and Industry

Everyone deserves a second chance and you can help provide that.

No one wants to be judged for the rest of their life for by the mistakes that they made and paid for in the past. Studies completed by the US Justice Department show that many ex-offenders are fully capable of redeeming themselves when appropriate supports and an effective transition plan is made. The ability to work and provide for your family significantly helps with that successful transition.  

Ways You Can Help

  • Become familiar with the policies and benefits around hiring returning citizens (ex-offenders.)

  • Get to know our training partners (View our Partners).

  • Share your successes and failures with us so we can learn from what's working and what is not.

  • Bring your problem solving skills to the table as we look to solve bigger systemic issues.

  • Join a Franklin Together Task Force.

  • Work with correction system to hire individuals who are eligible for work release.

  • Give a returning citizen a chance - hire them!

  • Become a partner business - a business that is committed to helping us build a community that supports reentry and a recovery environment where all families can thrive!

  • For more information or to join Franklin Together, email reentry@sccap.org