What is a Re-Entry Simulation?

  •  An experiential learning opportunity designed to help participants understand the day-to-day struggles in the life of a Returning Citizen and their families.

  •  It is a simulation, not a “game”, although we use "play" money, props, fictional scenarios, and time limits.

 How does a simulation work?

  • Participants assume a provided role, then work to complete tasks at simulated agencies around the room. During this hour long experience they will endure “real life” struggles designed to help them better understand the barriers associated with re-entry.

  • Everyone is given the opportunity to participate in debrief & group discussion following the hour long simulation.


What is the purpose of a Re-Entry simulation?

  • Educate on collateral consequences of criminal records

  • Sensitize to the realities of difficult situations

  • Understand real issues and barriers to self-sufficiency

  • Recognize how factors shape behavior and beliefs

  • Reduce stigma, bias and cultural stereotypes

  • Motivate participants to become involved

What are the key points when considering hosting a reentry simulation?

  • The entire simulation lasts 2.5 hours with additional 2 hours needed for simulation set up.

  • All planning, marketing & training materials must be reviewed beforehand.

  • The host agency must coordinate registration and recruitment of participants and volunteers and must have 60-80 participants & 10+ volunteers confirmed at least 2 weeks prior to event.

  • The host agency will provide a large room for event. Room set-up per instructions must be completed prior to simulation set-up.

  • Re-Entry Simulation must be scheduled at least 2 months in advance.

  • A host agency lead contact is required.

  • A donation of $500+ is suggested – this is a labor-intensive training. It requires more than 50 hours of staff time per simulation, plus travel time and cost of material printing, as well as replacement costs for missing or destroyed prop items.  Your donation helps to cover those costs.

Re-Entry Simulations in the News

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