“When people are successfully reintegrated into society – get jobs, reunite with their families, reconnect with their children, live a life with purpose and integrity – they don’t return to prison. The result is safer communities and stronger families, which benefits us all."

Secretary of Corrections, 
John Wetzel


Christopher shares his powerful story of a life of crime, imprisonment, drug addiction and re-entry.

“I thought had gone too far, but I knew I had strength and energy and I thought to myself ‘What if I tried to live right and just do the next right thing every day?’”

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"I have a job I love and benefits. I learned to see that I had other options and built a new future for myself and my family! Now I give back and help others coming out of prison,  Life really can be better!”

Bobby Moore, successfully out of Prison for 5 years



After his stay in jail, he spent a year in transitional housing for ex offenders and people in recovery. During this time he received his calling to serve God. Josh is now a pastor at Rouzerville United Methodist Church and lives with his wife and young daughter in Waynesboro. 



Part of Ali’s story of recovery has been learning to keep bees. She says, “This has not been easy being clean, I've been in the middle of nowhere. I have no driver's license. I have to rely on my family to get to work. It's not easy, and it won't be. But it's worth it. I found something that I love. Not only does the beekeeping give me something to do with my free time, but also, I'm helping the environment. I'm helping people with allergies. I'm educating myself. I'm learning.”